EZZEV Foundation (EF) is a small network foundation that stimulates identity awareness. This encompasses the following:
(1) Youngster awareness on online rights and on the effects of online presence – both theirs and those of others;
(2) The impact of (new) technology on identities;
(3) Identity labels, learning types and “liquid life” (Zygmunt Bauman).

Together with its Polish partner Fundacja Citizen Project, Ezzev is a pioneer in creating and implementing constructive confrontational experience didactics, which are supported by new technologies such as Augmented Reality and by traditional technologies such as video.

The foundation’s aim is to help individuals to move away from automatic behavior towards behavior that is rooted in developed, personal ethics.


gr-foto-Festival-vh-LerenEzzev received the 2015 1st prize INTERNATIONAL PRIZE at the Festival van het Leren for the project WEB2LEARN.


The Foundation was founded in 2005. After having been successfully involved in work integration projects – co-funded by Dutch state institutions – Ezzev changed its course in 2010. More recently (2011-2016) Ezzev was partner in the European projects  CDEI (IDentifEYE)Dynamic Identity, IDentifEYETalking about Taboos and  Web2learn. Ezzev supported the Polish projects Dynamiczna TożsamośćDynamiczna Tożsamość – warsztat online jako dialog pokoleń and E-Lab Dynamiczna Tozsamosc. Currently Ezzev is applicant of the European project OZO and is member of the international project coalition adT.

The Ezzev Foundation thanks Looyens & Loeff for their legal support.