EZZEV Foundation (EF) is a small network foundation that aims to provide youngsters and parents who feel underprivileged with instruments to better achieve psychosocial integration – that is: a sense of belonging as well as autonomy and a sense of achievement.

Together with its Polish partner Fundacja Citizen Project, Ezzev forms the coalition (adT).

gr-foto-Festival-vh-LerenEzzev received the 2015 1st prize INTERNATIONAL PRIZE at the Festival van het Leren for the project WEB2LEARN.

The Foundation was founded in 2005.

Since 2011 Ezzev was a partner and often (co-)author in the European projects  CDEI (IDentifEYE)Dynamic Identity, IDentifEYETalking about TaboosWeb2learn and ANEMELO. Ezzev supported the Polish projects Dynamiczna TożsamośćDynamiczna Tożsamość – warsztat online jako dialog pokoleń and E-Lab Dynamiczna Tozsamosc. Ezzev was applicant of the European projects OZO and OZO 2.

Ezzev was author of the Commission Pilot Project PPPA-AGEVER-01-2020 that was approved by the European Parliament and by the European Commission. The Pilot Project tender was won by the euCONSENT consortium that was mentioned as a pillar in the Commission BIK+ strategy.

Ezzev’s chairman Onno Hansen-Staszyński is member of the Commission Expert Group on Tackling Disinformation and Promoting Digital Literacy Through Education and Training (E03781).

Ezzev’s treasurer Bram Alkema is COO of Drog, known for its disinformation prebunking game Bad News.

The Ezzev Foundation thanks Looyens & Loeff for their legal support.