(adT) Activity plan

The following is an activity that can take place in a 45-minute lesson.

Check in (appr 5 min)

Ask all students individually at the start of the lesson how they feel today. Listen to their answers carefully. React to the answers neutrally and just say: “Thank you.” The other students are to listen silently. Establish the order in which the students are asked randomly

Introduction (appr 5 min)

Provide a thought or a personal experience related to disinformation, or link to a disinformation news item. Follow your short introduction with a question about the disinformation, such as ‘how serious do you think this disinformation is?’ or ‘what do you think the aim of this disinformation is’?

Modeled discussion (appr 25 min)

Hand out small pieces of paper. Give students 90 seconds to formulate a short answer to your question. Inform them that they will read their answers aloud. Then randomly select pairs. Let the first student of the pair ask the question to the second student. The second student reads his/her answer. They then switch roles. Continue forming pairs until all students have been heard. If the number of students is odd, include yourself in a pair. If there is extra time, ask for reflections.

Check-out (appr 8 min)

Ask all students individually at the end of the lesson if they learned anything in the lesson. Use the check-in principles.