Invitation to the IDentifEYE conference SAFE ONLINE

You are invited to attend the international conference:


Safe Online: Behaviours, approaches and tools for a safer online environment


Tuesday, September 8, 2015 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM (EEST)


Crowne Plaza Athens – City Centre
Michalacopoulou Street 50, Athens 115 28


Youngsters today are in danger on the Internet because of not understanding the relevance of data.  They either too freely provide their own data and thus run the risk of identity theft or of an unwanted third party being able to target them, or they too easily believe the actuality of data provided by others and thus could become targeted by a third party who is disguised by a false identity.
On the other hand the Internet a great tool that offers youngsters many additional opportunities to their education, leisure time and social life. Internet is nowadays thoroughly embedded in our lives.
We thus need to come up with innovative approaches which will carefully balance theory and practice and promotes resilience, thus allowing youngsters to fully enjoy online experiences, while minimizing the impact of potential risks.
In addition to the existing training on Internet safety we need to help youngsters develop a deeper understanding of online risks and how they are related to their online identities. These identities concern their consciously or unconsciously projected identity as seen in their profiles or shown in their communicative interactions, but also encompass the way they are externally profiled and interpreted.
Educational technologists, psychologists, educators and ICT experts will present their views on the subject and engage in a creative dialogue with participants.
Especially teachers and parents are encouraged to participate in this interactive conference to learn about the experiences accumulated from a 2 year project (IDentifEYE) which conducted numerous workshops in schools around Europe.

Register here and stay tuned for the exact schedule and list of speakers.
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