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In the period 2012-2014 Ezzev was partner in the European Web2learn project, together with its partners PAEPSM (Greece), Pelikan language school (Czech Republic), Associazione Seed (Switserland), T.C. Konak Kaymakamlığı (Turkey) and GHEA Società Cooperativa (Italy).

The Web2learn project aimed to familiarise adults (mainly parents but not exclusively) on current web 2.0 learning tools and practices. As a result adults can employ the tools to support their personal development as well as their children’s learning experiences.

Within the framework of the project Ezzev supported the organization of parent gatherings on the practical use of Web 2.0 tools at the UniC school in Utrecht, the Netherlands. It also empowered a group of Dutch Web 2.0 specialists to publish on Web 2.0 topics for parents. Ezzev also co-facilitated Polish dissemination of the project by means of her partner Fundacja Citizen Project.


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