Online self-help tool OZO

OZO is a tool to organise a group of people non-hierarchically online. Structure is provided by a meeting protocol, by a moderator and by participants agreeing to meet each other regularly.

  • The people for whom the tool was developed are those who feel a distance to society and/ or the labor market. Rather than relying on specialists only, the tool enables participants to mobilise themselves and their networks.
  • The group of participants should ideally be no larger than 15 participants.
  • The group should ideally meet every week for 45-60 minutes.
  • The participants are known to the moderator – to ensure that only designated participants are present during meetings. Participants could choose to not disclose their identity during meetings but they should inform the moderator after the meeting whether they were present. This enables the moderator to be in contact with participants and, if needed, motivate them.
  • OZO provides a list of recommended technologies that can be used to meet online.

The project OZO 2 (2018-2-NL01-KA104-059914) is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.